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Case report: Mandibular periosteal vertical distraction before dental implants placement

Periosteal Distraction (PD) has been investigated in animals for several years with the purpose of vertically bone augmentations in atrophic areas where osteogenic distraction (OD) is not possible. However, up to date, PD has not been related in humans. A 63-year-old woman, with vertical and transverse atrophy of the left inferior alveolar ridge, was clinically and tomographically assessed. A custom made periosteal distraction device (Tracper 3) was placed under local anesthesia. It was activated 0.25 mm every 12 hours since the fourth day, for 15 days. Four months later, a 7.5 mm vertical bone increase was tomographically confirmed. The PD device was then removed and two dental implants were placed and loaded three months later. Thisclinical case clearly shows the potential of the PD technique in severe bone atrophy in humans. More extensive clinical studies are necessary to confirm the interest and precise clinical modalities of utilization of periosteal distraction in humans.
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